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Welcome to the website of Prodecor Industrie Plc, which has more than 45 years’ experience in chemical and electrolytic plating on metal.

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A good chemical and electrolytic plating is not only about aesthetics. It is also about the quality of its electrical properties, weldability, resistance to certain environments, ease of maintenance, adaptability to future organic finishes...

This finish will expand the service life of the object by limiting the action of time and other factors: it will be protected from corrosion, friction, wear and totally fits in with the « sustainability » consciousness of our modern world.

Protection and decoration are key to our business. Hence the name “Prodecor” when the company was first established in 1971.

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Being small, our company can communicate rapidly. Thanks to the size of our structure, we can answer our customers’ needs as quickly as possible and also have an individualised contact with each of them. We are therefore a reliable partner that delivers quality work and offers personalised customer service.

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Our history

Prodecor Industrie Plc

Building of Prodecor Industries Plc

A journey through the company's history. Prodecor and electroplating have their roots in a long family history.

In June 1953, after 2 years’ military service, Marcel Renard started to work with electroplating and surface treatments in a big company based in Uccle (Brussels). These were the Golden years but soon, towards the end of the Marshall plan, Europe was severely affected by the economic crisis. This led to closing the department in charge of surface treatments.

With his extensive experience in the field – 18 years, Marcel Renard funded Prodecor in Uccle. The company expanded, relocated twice to finally end up in Forest.

It is during the second relocation that both Marcel’s sons, Eric and Daniel, joined the company and lent support. DNew treatments broke out while others disappeared.

Crisis were frequent but the company flourished. It made major investments in automation but also for having an environmentally friendly activity.

Daniel retired on 31 December 2015 and Sébastien – third generation - began his apprenticeship as from January 2016.

Prodecor – whose activity is still classified as crafts – is even now a family business. With 60 years’ experience in electroplating, the company followed all developments and innovations.

Nickeling half century ago

Nickeling at the bell half a century ago

Nickeling current

Nickeling at the barrel, current

Products and services

Surface treatments and finishes for metals

Zinc plating

White zinc plating, RoHS Surtec 680
Leather zinc plating
Olive-green zinc plating
Black zinc plating, RoHS


Natural anodising
Black anodising

Passivation of aluminium

Alodine 1200
Surtec 650
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Silver plating
Tin plating
Brass plating (Barrel)
Copper plating
Electro nickel plating
Blackening of copper and messing
Passivation of metals (copper, brass, stainless, zinc, silver)
Wax P33 * Gold plating * Lead plating * Sand blasting and shot peening of small equipments.
Other executions on request

Quality control

The quality control of our production is executed by several means.

Chemical analysis work table

Chemical analysis work table

Image Fisherscope

Fischerscope X-ray

A specific planning is used for the chemical analysis of the solutions, to be followed by a regeneration of these solutions.

The Fischerscope X-ray fluorescence is used to test the thickness of electrodeposits for small parts, as a non-destructive coating thickness tester. Other instruments are used for specific parts/coatings: Coulometry, Eddy Currents, Insulation.


Solar panels on the roof of Prodecor Plc

Solar panels on the roof of Prodecor Plc

With 750m² photovoltaic panels, we generate about of 78.000 kWh electricity. Thanks to that, we are among the first photovoltaic electricity generators in the Brussels region and have been nominated by VLAN for the annual “Brussels-based Belgian of the Year 2010”. Without any link to green energy, the famous singer Stromae unsurprisingly won the title...

More than 20 years ago, even before legislation was adopted, we set up a waste water treatment plant. We undergo regular controls.

All the technologies used are meant to optimise the quality/price/sustainability ratio.

In 2018 we invested in a new and more efficient (waste) water purification plant. The workings of the treatment principle is Electrocoagulation.

Water purification plant

Water purification plant


Prodecor Industrie Plc
Rue des Lutins, 10 - 14
1190 Brussels

+32 (0)2376.13.06

+32 (0)2376.53.71


Business hours:

  • 08h00 to 12h00
  • 13h00 to 16h30
  • (except Friday 15h30)

Direction : RENARD Eric
Technical :
Administration : BAYARD Corine


T.V.A. BE862.808.862 B.T.W.

I.N.G. BE02 3101 8426 6340


Rue des Lutins, 10-14, 1190 Brussels

TEL 02/ 376.13.06 - FAX 02/376.53.71


Surface treatments and finishes for metals

Other executions on request

Business hours:

Direction: RENARD Eric
Administration: BAYARD Corine